29 Mar 2016

By: Luis Humberto Saldívar Díaz, seminarian.

During the formative process of a priest there are some much appreciated activities for any seminarian; one of them is Easter vacation, which provide a very necessary time for formation, for it is in the middle of the second semester, which is a semester abounding on all sorts of work.  Therefore, this is a much appreciated time to rest and to be with one’s family and friends.

This is a resting period followed by a week of intense missionary work.  This way, seminarians use these seven days to regain the necessary energy and strength to return to the seminary and complete a year of formation.

But what does a seminarian specifically do in his vacation?  This is a question anyone could be asking.  Well, they mostly stay with their families and share with them the experiences they have lived during a semester and they also have a dialog with them on things they had not talked about previously.  Also, seminarians take this opportunity to carry out activities they do not usually do because of their highly dynamical formative process, such as going out with friends, eating out, going to the movies, to the theater, to their homes; visiting distant relatives; going out of town with their families; resting at home; visiting their parish communities, juvenile groups; spending time with other seminarians; and other things.

Every seminarian will find his special way of restoring his strengths – that were depleted during the semester – while keeping always in mind he is still a future priest in his formative process.