In abidance to the provisions of Church documents, Monterrey Seminary has prepared 36 traits that must characterize an ideal priest.  This profile helps us follow up our students, because they are a part of the life plans, the interviews and final reports.  The traits are classified around the three levels a priest lives: the human, the Christian and the priestly.

The Human level

An honorable and authentic man who is able to value and define himself with regards to the community, Good and his milieu, in accordance to a choice of life that guides his will and freedom towards the full achievement of his potentialities. His traits must be:

  • Personal identity

  • Emotional maturity

  • Affective – sexual maturity

  • Volitive maturity

  • Intellectual maturity

  • Social maturity

  • Spiritual maturity

  • Life choice

  • Right use of property

  • Respect for the environment

The Christian Level

A spiritually mature and authentic Christian, who live his faith coherently, with a solid attitude of prayer that allows him to live a familiar and assiduous intimacy with the Father; a radical faith and following of Christ and His Gospel; and obedience to the Holy Spirit, and also love for Church and men.  His traits must be:

  • Theological life

  • Praying spirit

  • Quest for the will of God

  • Continuous conversion

  • Evangelical advices

  • Liturgical and sacramental life

  • Marian pity

  • Social projection of faith

Priestly Level

A mature and authentic disciple who knows and lives in depth the Mystery of Salvation conducted in Christ, and is chosen to exert the ministry of teacher, priest and shepherd to the service of the Kingdom of God to the image of Christ our Good Shepherd in our diocesan reality.  His traits must be:

  • Vocational identity

  • Spirituality of servant

  • Charisma of celibate

  • Poverty

  • Love for the church

  • Priestly fraternity

  • Charity and pastoral initiative

  • Leadership and capacity to summon participation

  • Straight doctrine

  • Quest for ongoing formation