Minor Seminary

Those who have not studied High School yet, can do it in the facilities of Seminary. Those who have already got their High School Diploma or even higher studies will be enrolled in propaedeutic studies which consist of a Humanities Diploma. For seminarians studying high school in Seminary, this stage of the formation has three years of duration. Campus is located in San Pedro Garza Garcia City, N.L.

Introductory Course

This is the second stage of formation, in which goal is to live a strong spirituality and fraternity. This is the reason why the house is located in Allende Town, N.L. (away from the city). Experience of rural apostolate is introduced and studies of Bachelor Degree in Philosophy commences.

This year’s priority is that seminarians have an encounter with Christ and with themselves. In order to achieve this objective, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament comes daily, and in addition, several weekly courses of human development, faith, the Church, and priesthood are offered; the liturgical seasons, such as Christmas and Holy Week are lived more intensely. All this activities are to encourage prayer and encounter with Christ.

Institute of Philosophy

This third stage lasts three years and it is located in the major Seminary, campus located in Juarez Town, N.L. During these three years it is intended that students integrate their human and Christian personality and strengthen their choice for the priesthood as a life style. This includes maturity in faith, knowing and accepting themselves, affective maturity and the strengthening of a critical and constructive awareness before men and the world. Studies of bachelor degree in Philosophy are concluded, and it is required in this period to have a rich experience in different parishes.

The formative program of the Institute of Philosophy is marked by three fundamental experiences: listening, conversion and option. To achieve these annual goals, students are accompanied through human and spiritual interviews, meeting, lectures, and study a degree in philosophy with a humanistic approach, among other activities.

Institute of Theology

This is the fourth and final stage. It lasts five years in which it is intended that students get configured with Christ, Head and Servant, Shepherd and Spouse of the Church, assuming His criteria, attitudes and life style that will prepare seminarians, once ordered priests, to perform in the Church the threefold ministry of teaching, sanctifying and guiding the People of God, in a close collaboration with his bishop. A Bachelor Degree in Theology is studied, as well as a one-year of pastoral experience outside of the campus of Seminary, serving in the church where they are assigned.

Theology stage seeks to consolidate the heart of the Shepherd in young men who have decided to follow Christ in the priesthood. In order to achieve this, there’s a comprehensive program that includes monthly retreats, a three-week prayer course, monthly spiritual and human accompaniment, four-year degree in Theology, pastoral experiences in hospitals, prisons, training schools, nursing houses and several parishes; a year in an ecclesial community and four weeks of a psychology for priestly ministry course distributed over four years. It is an intense program of support and discernment so that each candidate has the tools to decide freely their vocation.